Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


The phone number field now correctly occupies the entire specified width without any display issues.
Enrich your forms with captivating visuals!
  • Easily add images directly into your forms for enhanced visual appeal.
  • Specify the size of the image to fit your form layout perfectly.
Capture phone numbers effortlessly with advanced options!
Phone Number Mask:
  • Utilize phone number masks to format input for consistency and ease of use.
Country Code Selection:
  • Enable internationalization by allowing users to select their country code.
Default Country:
  • Specify a default country to streamline data entry for users.
Effortlessly capture name and address information!
Full Featured Fields:
  • Name field
    options → Prefix (input/select), first name, middle name, last name, and suffix. Documentation
  • Address field
    options → Address line 1, Address line 2, city, state, and country. Documentation
  • Choose which fields to display based on the information you need to collect.
  • Customize labels, required validation, and more to suit your preferences.
Find relevant documentation with new search feature!
The FormNX documentation now has a search feature.
With this, you can simply type in a keyword and get a list of related documentation in a hierarchical order of matching.
Click on the result to open the document
When conditionally Showing/Hiding Matrix element it had a validation issue which is resolved.
Data now syncs with Google Sheets even if the sheet name is
not "Sheet1."
With this improvement, you can now seamlessly sync data with Google sheet even if the sheet name is changed (or default name is something different)
Form data will be synced to the 1st sheet in the connected Google Sheet.
Note 2
: If Google sheet sync
was not working for you
previously disconnect & connect with google sheet again.
Organize and categorize submissions with customizable tags!
Tag Management
Define your own tags to categorize submissions based on your needs.
Add or remove tags easily for each submission.
Filter Submissions by Tags:
Effortlessly filter and sort submissions based on assigned tags.
Submission Tagging System
📋 Organized Workflow: Tag submissions for streamlined organization.
🔍 Quick Identification: Easily locate and filter submissions with the tag-based system.
Easily track submissions within specified date ranges!
Now, in list submissions, easily filter submissions based on a specified date range.
Precision Tracking
: Efficiently locate submissions within specific timeframes.
Data Analysis
: Simplify data analysis by focusing on submissions during specific periods.
Bring your forms to life with the Camera Input!
✅ Users can capture live images using their device's camera
🔁 Flip camera to use Front for selfies or Back camera for other photos
❌ Restricting selection from gallery or upload images
📱Works on all devices (Mobile, Laptop, Tablets etc)
Dynamic Interaction:
Enhance form engagement with live photo capture.
Security and Authenticity
: Ensure genuine images by restricting gallery access.
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